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 Well, the frost finally arrived and blanketed the last of the flowers in a robe of sparkly jewels.

This is always  a challenging time for me. 
I have the hardest time giving up what has become a piece of my heart.

Yet at the same moment, I know it is time. Time to let nature cycle forward. To let nature breathe life and energy into this earth that has filled me and so many others with total and complete JOY!

I visited the gardens the night before the frost came...enjoying a peaceful time tucked in near the edge of the woods. The birds were still boisterously singing...obviously in denial right alongside me. 

 I picked a large, clumsy bouquet. It was probably my favorite of the season. My peachy coral dahlia had flowered for the first time that day. How lucky I was to enjoy this last minute, early-November,  armful of beauty.  

I am already plotting and planning for the gardens of 2020!   I hope they remember me in their caretaker, protector, friend and dreamer. 

Cheers to Mother Nature as she ushers in change and hope.

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  1. Lovely bouquet! Your post is well-written and the photos are great! Well done!


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