Prince Snow Farm


An October Garden

 I am amazed with what nature offers to me even late in the growing season.

Just when I think I have seen the most perfect blossom or plumpest fruit...

...I am handed an armful of petals shaped as if from an artist's brush...

...round and neat...jagged and contemporary...

...filled with vibrance or brushed with a muted palette.

The late season garden also has a fascinating glow at dusk...

...although the sunlight has already faded beyond the edge of the woods,

....the blossoms seem to hang on to the daylight, filling a late day sky

with an autumn reverie.


  1. Your flowers (Dahlias?) are absolutely gorgeous! I also think that the flowers try to hold on to the Autumn light and seem to glow from within.

  2. You captured autumn garden perfectly with your photos and words. absolutely gorgeous!! your dahlias, all those colors! wow! Some I had not seen before.


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