Prince Snow Farm



Life has a habit of happening over here.

Yesterday it was spring and today it is fall, and yet in between summer happened.

And it was filled with flowers!

I have been practicing as a flower farmer. Just on a teeny tiny scale.

But I think it's working. It feels right. It is joy and sweat and beauty all wrapped together in the most extraordinary packages. 

Sometimes I think I must be dreaming.

 The sky, the woods, nature surrounding me.

And the support others have blessed upon me...

 ...blessing others with these stems topped with  every color of the rainbow.

Frost has set in now.

And I will clean and organize and plan for 2019.

I would love to know two things from you:

1.) What is your favorite cut flower?
2.) Have you ever bought flowers from a local grower?

Enjoy your week.

xo  Monica

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