Prince Snow Farm


Farm and Coast

 It's that time. The time where I shed a tear or two for all that summer has meant to me.

Next week school starts, and I part with a place and a light and a pup that have my heart.

But I am blessed. I mean I get to drive a minute to the ocean, or walk down our hill and have an armful or bucketful of flowers in minutes. Vibrant, fragrant, fresh flowers.

There is an incredible sense of peace here. The kids are older, yet they are and out with friends, yet close enough for frequent mom hugs.

 I work hard in the summer to clean out the old and bring a fresh feeling to this little  1830's farmhouse perched  atop a hill.

I allow myself an equal amount of time for reading, writing, and most of all....dreaming.

Seeking PURPOSE is a serious undertaking. One must wait patiently for signs, even when craving answers more directly. 

Sometimes I think my path is being lit so brightly...that my answers have been set before me...

And then I start to question if I was really interpreting a sign, a feeling in the right way.

How do we know? How are we sure? Have you ever wondered the same?

I think perhaps I overthink my path instead of just letting it meander with confidence.

Sometimes I think that $$ forces me to make choices that are not necessarily in my heart.

 I know I want to write in some grow tend our photograph life

It will all fall into place


And in the meantime...

I have ALL of this beauty as inspiration.


  1. All just gorgeous. Living near the ocean - that would be my dream.

  2.! Breath-taking! every photo. every line!


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