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July in the Garden

Well, July has been a beautiful month!

Crepis Flower

The flowers have started blooming and promise to bless me with an abundance of beauty.

Rubenza Cosmos

I am experimenting with many new varieties and have not found one I dislike!

Every week has brought a new look to the garden. At first it was lush and green, then color burst on the scene . Even the squash and pumpkin flowers light up the landscape  with their beauty.

green-eyed susan

My morning check-in really fills my soul with such a sense of peace. I am daily in awe of what we can produce with a bit of ambition, hope and desire.

The garden is something I never take for granted. It is beauty at its finest, but the beauty must be guided and coddled. In return we are given shadow and light, texture, color and scent.


Being in the garden allows me time to dream, to carve my purpose, to plan.

Did you know I have at least 5 novels started? While I am in the garden I am thinking of my storyline and characters...and of course another...


I hope to carve out more writing time. I have always known that growing beautiful flowers, and writing are my two purposes on Earth. 


I used to think I was supposed to find a way to combine the two. Recently I have been thinking that I am meant to let each take on its own unique entity. 

That thrills me!

I hope you will all be around someday when I need first draft readers.


In the meantime, I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been up to.

(and Stormy)


Leave me a note in the comments.

I would love to know what your July has been filled with. 


  1. My how beautiful your gardens are. That takes a lot of work. Weeding is my least favorite. Our heat has arrived and I cannot abide heat so about all my garden is getting is water. Your flowers are so pretty. I love all the variety. I am fermenting jalapeño peppers to make pepper sauce. I hope it is not too hot and I prefer it milder.

  2. Your flowers are lovely. My July has been filled, to the brim, with travel. Thus, my flowers are alive, but not at their July best.

  3. Gorgeous! both the the writing and the flowers!


Thanks for chatting!

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