Prince Snow Farm


Goodbye spring....

Spring came on late after a snowy April...

and brought with it a glorious palette of sherbet-toned blooms.

Ranunculus proved to be a glorious reprieve from a long-anticipated spring.

I will pull the corms soon and save them for next year's field planting.
What was a trial has morphed into a new spring flower LOVE.

You pick these blooms when starting to show color, and they unfurl layer
 after layer of velvety pigment.

The wild growing Grandiflora roses made a perfect accompaniment.

These blossoms restored my spirit after a very long winter. 

Now we are on to summer...and anxiously await an abundance of blooms. 
This weekend's heat wave has ushered us quickly into summer.
Bring it on!
xo Monica


  1. What gorgeous flowers! I have to tell you, I am a flower STALKER. I have seen so many flowers on blogs recently and yours are the BEST. I am not lying.
    I even love the peach ribbon in the first 4 photos. Please tell me is it peach, not pink!

    1. Aw thanks Kay! Your flattery is just what I needed today! That is a peachy pink oiece of vintage seambinding. Thanks for visiting!


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