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Sunday Morning Plans

 Sunday Mornings are so satisfying. Coffee. Sunshine. Garden Plans.

Not that this is the first day I have stepped outside to check on things...or the first moment I have thought about that place that captures and holds my heart...

My house is currently overrun with seedlings. Tiny soil blocks holding  a precious and hopeful new plan. I am growing "Cool Flowers" this year!

I was inspired by Lisa Mason Ziegler's book by the same name, "Cool Flowers".

 I have always wanted to close the gap between tulips and daffodils and the first flowering annuals. Sometimes this is literally months. After researching, and reading Lisa's book, I am so inspired to plant seeds for flowers that are meant to grow in cool weather!

 I will be planting them out some time in the next four weeks, and will hopefully start to have flowers around the time I am usually direct sowing seed in the garden. This is so exciting to me!

I have always wondered why I haven't been able to successfully grow annuals like Strawflower, Bells of Ireland, Stock, and Feverfew to name a few. Now I know that it was just too warm here in coastal Massachusetts by the time I was sowing their seeds.

 I will keep you posted on this new venture. Today may involve planting anemone and ranunculus, and doing a bit of clean up.  
Here is a link to Lisa's book. (It's not an affiliate link, I just loved it and have been reading/rereading.)


  1. Most likely too hot here in Georgia for those cool flowers. You are lucky!

    1. You can even grow in Georgia, you just have to start them super early!

  2. What a beautiful post! Your flowers are lovely!

  3. Good luck with your garden, I sure it will be wonderful.


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