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Christmas Gift Guide-Personalized

 I've been privileged to work with Shutterfly for the last few years to showcase several of their new items.

 I only showcase the items I would actually purchase.
This easel calendar is absolutely amazing. I took my time selecting high quality images from my gardens, and boy did it pay off.

The final product is so vibrant. The card stock is a heavyweight, sturdy quality. Truly, these are frameable.

The base is sturdy enough to support all 12 months. What a great addition to your desk, kitchen nook, bookcase, or bedside table.

I love the feeling that I will now have flowers 12 months/year! 

Next I chose journals. I selected a few favorite photos and made one for each family member. 

No surprise that mine has an image from my petite flower stand.

It will be a perfect spot for taking notes and making lists this winter as I prepare for the 2018 season.

It coordinates so well with the calendar...quite accidentally.

The third item I showcased this year is this beautiful silver engraved bracelet.
It is also available in silver, gold and rose gold finish.

I really wanted to make it personal. I chose the word "purpose" because it was my word for the year. I chose the word "grace" because I have always felt that this word describes my mom so perfectly. She has ALWAYS lived her life with grace.  Together those two words give me a daily reminder of how I want to live my life.

The words were harder to see on the finished product than I expected; however I really LOVED the quality and finish of the final product. I decided it was meant to be that way...almost a secret reminder to myself, without the whole world knowing.

I have been personalizing products from Shutterfly for over 5 years now.  The number one TIP I have is TAKE YOUR TIME. If you are asked to review the product, review it! Several times! One year I ended up with envelopes for John Smith because I was rushing and didn't check the box blank envelopes, and the personalized template printed. Totally my fault. They were generous and sent more envelopes. 

On calendars, and other items with fields that can be personalized, delete the sample text in any fields you want to remain empty.

Check back often, as Shutterfly runs LOTS of promotions!  

Have fun creating these personalized gifts, and enjoy the season!!

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