Prince Snow Farm


It's Goodbye

I dream all winter of  spring's cold touch against my cheek.


Of muddled sunshine warming earth and bringing hope.

Of landscapes bursting with shapes and shadows and life.

And when it emerges, I crave to imitate its relentless gusto, 

my senses alive and my soul thankful.

How quickly this beauty morphs into summer warmth and bountiful harvests.

Laden boughs bequeath their gifts with outstretched arms.

I  linger in these seasons,

allowing blue sky backdrops and paint palette blossoms to become my studio.
It is here that I create

with serrated petals and crooked stems...

 in the midst of low lying fogs and lagging sunsets.

 And in the blink of an eye

 the seasons shift once more , and autumn is upon us. 

I shed a tear for what I have loved, and for all it has meant.

  I revel in the beauty, the generosity, the lessons I have learned.


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