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Healthy Eating-Sign Up Today!

  • Ok so I had such fun introducing this last summer! Who wants to join me again....or for the first time? 
  •  What's this all about? Next week, Monday - Friday,(August 21-25) I am going to eat super healthy at all meals. ( including snacks)
  • I am going to eat fresh eggs, and as many organic fruits and veggies as I can get my hands on. 
  • It's not a specific "diet", just super healthy eating.
  •  I would love to have you all join in. Your healthy may be different than mine! But that's ok!
  •  I grow lots of veggies and look forward to getting creative with recipes!
  • My hope is that we can share to the hashtag #fivedaysotf , this would be on INSTAGRAM,  showcasing healthy recipes and encouragement.
  •  If you'd like to join in, leave your name below, or on my original post @princesnowfarm on Instagram!!! ( and P.S. : I'm not giving up my morning coffee😉) follow along at @princesnowfarm
  • Hopefully we will feel so great after five days, that we will continue to follow healthy habits!


Summer Walk

A friend and I have been taking LONG walks together once a week this summer.
Typically we walk on a bike path surrounded by dense trees and abundant wildlife.

This particular day, we walked on the bike path and then meandered through the town of Fairhaven.

We ended up at Fort Phoenix,  a fort from the Revolutionary War era.

It is located  where the New Bedford and Fairhaven harbors merge.

Even if you have lived in this area your entire life, as I have, there is something remarkable about this place...a feeling that emanates from the stone paths and steel blue waters.

 One can only contemplate the bravery of those who waited to protect our land and freedom as the British invaded. The original fort was destroyed in 1778; however it was rebuilt and aptly given its current name of Fort Phoenix, named after the bird of Greek mythological origin who was regenerated or reborn. 

We were just in time to see a fishing boat heading out to sea. I thought about the crew, and the time they would spend away from their family. Living here in coastal Massachusetts, I have always had family or known friends who fish for a living...but at that very moment,  I felt something different, a compassion for their absence and dedication, a curiosity about the journey itself.

As we headed back, I realized that these weekly walks are more than just an attempt at fitness, or time with a friend.

They are a time to connect on a deeper level with the world around us, the place we have "landed".

They are the time the ordinary becomes the EXTRAORDINARY.

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