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Blessed Beyond Measure

Happy New Year!

January's Freeze

2016 was a year of introspection.

It was a year of developing a keener concept of what makes me"ME". 

Standing Right next to Jane Goodall! A dream!

I have explored the concept of "self" for some time…searching, hoping, questioning.

In 2016 I decided I would add a few more flowers to our growing season.

Taking down the picket fence.

After all, I thought, flowers are easy.

And they are. 

Ok, so I have grown them since childhood.
The garden is my safe place. My artist's palette. My living journal.

Sao Miguel, Azores

So what happened?

In between the rows of plump tomatoes, stems of bright blossoms swayed in the breeze.

Each week from mid-July until late October, I gathered arms full of flowers.

And they blessed me…not just with their extraordinary beauty…but with whispers on my heart.

I feel silly actually…to think that for 40 years I have almost ignored the calling.

I have taken for granted what sat right before my nose.

To think that I almost missed the signs.

Mattapoisett Harbor

I almost became so buried in daily routines,

that I neglected to listen...

…to watch...

…to open my heart.

And then one day, I read an article about myself. And I stood back and admired this stranger….

...this person who was one with nature.

I almost envied her. That girl on the page with the blossoms in her hand.

And that's when the skies opened and a lifetime of questioning and wondering dissolved at my feet.

True PURPOSE blazed in front of me. 
A carpet made of blossoms in every hue, with varied petals and textures lay out before me. 
And it was then that I knew I would move forward with confidence and swiftness.
Blessed Beyond Measure.

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