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Simmering Potpourri for Christmas

I LOVE making homemade gifts at Christmas. Little hearts filled with lavender…dried rose petals tucked in vintage hankies…but my absolute favorite homemade gift is simmering potpourri.

It's so easy! I dehydrate a big bag full of organic oranges. Then I combine 
them with cinnamon sticks, star anise and whole cloves.

I mix it all up in a generous piece of crispy cellophane and tie the top with pretty burlap ribbon or twine. I like to attach a pretty card printed on simple card stock with ingredients and directions. (I've included a warning to keep away from pets…they may be attracted to the aroma under the tree, and I'd hate any cute little ones to get sick!)

Find two versions of my tags here and here.

I like to order Star West Botanicals organic herbs/spices from Amazon. I have Prime, so they arrive super fast (Not an affiliate, just what I love to use!) In fact I'm about to order mine now!!

(If you cannot get the tag links to work, leave me a comment and I can email you JPEGS)

And Do Not forget to save a batch for yourself!!


  1. Hi, I'm back after a long hiatus....Glad to see you are still writing...

  2. I'm late reading this but it sounds wonderful! I'd never heard of simmering potpourri before. What a great way to create "hygge" through the winter!

  3. Hello!

    Such a wonderful gift! Beautiful presentation! The link to the tags doesn't work for me and I can't tell if you give measurements for each 'batch' or not? Just wondered if there was a tried & true recipe!

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog!~Dona

    1. No certain recipe…make large or small. I like to make about the amount I could gather up in two outstretched hands. Glad you popped by!


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