Prince Snow Farm



It has been an amazing fall.  
The colors and textures and variations fill the sky with a glow even on cloudy days.

It sort of snuck up on me. It always does. One day I am in the garden when the birds awaken, bare arms loving the warmth of the sun's first summer rays... 

...tending and coddling and encouraging...

...and the next minute I am looking out the window at a frost encrusted field...barely there light shimmering in between the crimson grasses, prisms of a season past echoing across the hillside.

But that's ok! It is life. It is purpose. It is allowing one's self to accept change and to move on gracefully.

It's about regarding what was with honor, and about believing in what will be.

 It's not always without a tinge of regret.

But instead of shedding a tear or word of complaint, 
I choose to use the moments...layer upon layer of LIFE... mold and shape my future. How grateful I am to have this opportunity.


  1. Do you know that I have actually never seen fall colors like that in person? It must really be soul stirring. :)

  2. Your pictures and words are not only beautiful but very poignant and relative right now. Thank you for that, Monica.



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