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31 Days of Flowers Day 3 {Limelight Hydrangea}

Limelight Hydrangea

Day 3 in the Write 31 Days Series.

Well here in Coastal Massachusetts, we had some harsh conditions last winter. As we were preparing for below zero temps, I worried about my lavender. Well, I should have been worried about my blue hydrangeas as well. The extra cold winter, and deep freeze in February prevented beautiful blue and crimson hydrangeas from producing blossoms this year. 

But it didn't affect my Limelight Hydrangea at all! 

In fact, this lovely tree like shrub usually fades fast to white, and this year it was a gorgeous lime shade for much of the season. Of course, it also may have been related to the drought that engulfed us this summer.

So what do I love?

Produces from late July….until October.
Blossoms look gorgeous in bouquets.
The plant regenerates smaller branches of flowers after picking.
Attracts Pollinators.
Dries wonderfully if picked in late-September…early October. (Just put them in an empty vase!)
Consistent in blossom time and production.
Fills in a large space.
Grows TALL!

Anything I don't love?

It has a thick, woody, tree-like stem and will not ever transplant easily. 
That's it!


I leave the faded blossoms all winter. They look so pretty topped with snow. The birds also love to hide among the blossoms in winter.

I cut back in spring, GENEROUSLY! It has never affected the growth or production of flowers. In fact, without that trim, I think it would become unruly! 

I prune in late winter or early spring, BEFORE new growth sets on the branches. 

My limelight is planted in full sun and never droops. It loves the bright sunshine. 

I purchased my Limelight locally at Eden Garden Shop. 
I am sure you could find a garden shop in your area on the Monrovia site.

Happy Garden Planning!




  1. Prince Snow Farm is simply beautiful

    I would look into limelight hydrangeas, but I am starting to research what plants I can add that require little or no water.

  2. Wow...gorgeous flowers. I would never tire at looking at them. Beautiful name too. would love to see you share at our link party on Sunday, Dishing it & Digging It....4:00 EST.

  3. Beautiful flowers! Have a great week ahead ♥


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