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31 Days of Flowers - Day 8 { Lavender }

 { Lavender }

I first started growing Lavender about 17 years ago. I had a huge lavender garden with approximately 20 plants. Over the years, they produced and abundance of gorgeous tall, fragrant flowers. I harvested the lavender early in July and would hang the stems to dry as bouquets,(or for stripping the fragrant buds for sachets). 

The plants grew VERY large, perhaps 4-5 feet across! Over the years, the stems grew thick and woody. The once beautiful lavender garden still produced in abundance, but was no longer attractive. 

We planted about 20 young lavender plants, anticipating that within a few years the grand dames of the garden would be gone. The young lavender plants succumbed to a series of deep freezes and record snowfalls. The grand dames continued to produce :)

Only just a few weeks ago, after many years of mixed emotions, did I clip the thick stems and dig the deep roots of these old lavender plants. 

They had served us well. They gave us their beauty, and we share it with many.

I am a sentimental gardener, and must admit I was a bit teary as I pulled these plants out. 
Seventeen years, (the same age as my son),  is a long time to tend and coddle and harvest. It is hard to give up something you have cared for so deeply.

I am planning a new garden where the lavender garden once stood. It will be enclosed with a repurposed white picket fence from another part of our yard. It will have cut flowers, and lavender, and will share its beauty with the world.

It will whisper on the wind about its predecessors, nodding to the spot where they once stood and embracing you with the glory of nature's bounty. 

I purchased my original lavender plants at Cape Cod Lavender Farm. They have a broad variety of lavenders.  We live in Coastal Massachusetts, and CCLF knows exactly how to match up lavenders for your growing conditions.

I grew in a very sandy soil. The lavender obviously loved it! 

My favorite varieties are Provence, Grosso, and Hidcote.


  1. I do love lavender. I am not good at growing it, though!

  2. You made my heart ache, Monica...I know I'd feel this way, too. Not sure if I can grow lavender in my area but I can find dried bundles and I love them in my bathrooms! lol! Love your photos and most of all, your talent for growing such a lovely plant.


  3. Lavenders are so beautiful ♥

  4. Hidcote! Like Hidcote Manor :)

  5. I used to worry that lavender was an "old lady" scent... and then I got over it and surrendered to my absolute love for this plant. Beautiful post!


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