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31 Days of Flowers - Day 7 {Gladiolus}


A few year ago I bought about 50 Gladioli on sale in mid-summer. They flowered right before frost, putting on a spectacular display. After their leaves died back, I gathered all of the corms and stored them for the winter.

A good friend and co-worker told me that she leaves her Gladioli in the ground all winter, and that they are beautiful. Hmmm. Not have to pull up all of the corms? Ok! I'll try it next year. And I did. And she was right!

Only they weren't just beautiful. They were spectacular. They were twice the height and blossom size of the previous season. And the corms had multiplied, giving us a more extensive garden filled with early -late July color. They hung on without any rain, producing full stalks of the most delicate looking, yet sturdy flowers.

I pick the Gladioli when the bottom few flowers are opening. The other flowers will follow suit within a few days. 

My Dad loved Glads.

I just know I would proudly share a big, colorful bouquet with him, 

knowing that he would appreciate every detail of these old-fashioned beauties.


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