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31 Days of Flowers - Day 5 {Nasturtium}


For many years I planted only the same flowers and vegetables, staying "safe" with what I knew I grew well. It was my garden comfort zone. 

Well, a few years ago, I broke out of my comfort zone, and I have never looked back!

And I have never been let down. 

Nasturtium prefers "ok" soil. Nothing fancy, nothing added. In fact, if you have an area of your garden that is a bit worn…use it for Nasturtium!

I direct seed after last frost, and enjoy these blossoms all summer and into the fall here on the south coast of Massachusetts.

Do not treat or feed your Nasturtium if you are planning on eating these peppery blossoms.

I also must admit that Nasturtium are extremely photogenic.

I made an entirely edible bouquet with herbs and radish flowers, and had a little photo shoot.

And it took a week to wipe the smile off of my face.

All because of the garden.

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