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31 Days of Flower - Day 6 {Cosmos}


Oh these frilly blossoms!
I actually had a woman upset with me on Instagram a couple of years ago. She would not accept that these lavender ruffled beauties were actually Cosmos.
They are!
And I don't argue very well. 
Just not my thing!

 The petals are so full and look gorgeous in bouquets. 

I also LOVE Dancing Petticoats and Little Ladybirds varieties.

I direct seed at the same time as my Zinnias…usually around Memorial Day here in Coastal Massachusetts.

Cosmos may need support,or may be planted at the back of your flower garden, or alongside a fence. Wherever you plant them, they are sure to please.

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  1. How fabulous! I have never seen double Cosmos! Now I have to look for them next year!


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