Prince Snow Farm



 So I am swinging back into a routine the best way I know how.
School has been back in session for about a month now, and we all have our daily rituals. 

I get up at 5:20 and I'm out the door by 6:40 at the latest. 

I AM totally a morning person. 

BUT,  I love sleeping 'til 6-6:30 and waking up before everyone. I like puttering and tidying and lifting the shades to let the morning light fill our home with promises as I make a leisurely breakfast.

I like tossing on my navy blue polka dot wellies to head down the field to the garden before the sun  has risen above the trees. I like breathing in the summer air and letting it swirl around in my mind….freedom and creativity and plans overloading the circuits at times. 

I like listening to the deer rustle in their wooded bedrooms…too shy to visit me in daylight, but brazen enough to munch my hostas to the ground in the still of the night.

I like embracing all that nature has created as the seasons ebb and flow before my eyes. 

I like picking flowers and dreaming of being a flower farmer as I set my tiny jars of blossoms on a weathered picnic table by the side of the road. 

I suppose I haven't given up all  that fills my heart with joy… I have simply changed with the seasons…embracing each with a newfound gladness and hope.

For now, my students are my flower blossoms…each needing tending and coddling and nurturing. In time, they too will flourish and move on, and I will miss the familiarity of routine that we develop together. 

For now, my morning routine may have changed, but all that I have learned and felt and experienced is carried with me…with each season having a role molding me into who I am and who I will become.

"To Everything There Is a Season."


Back to School Humor

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or just need a good laugh, this was the video start to my daughter's 6th grade graduation video at her school. It was recently reposted for a back to school chuckle. 

I might add that the amazing :) singer on the left is my husband. 

PLEASE share…we are trying to thank them for the humor by making this go viral!

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