Prince Snow Farm


The Light is Changing and So Must I...

…it is evident as I walk to the garden...

…shadows criss-crossing the swing and field...

…darkness where there was once light...

…twinkling sunbeams struggling to get over the wooded border just in front of the stonewall...

…plants awaiting their bath of golden light...

…hydrangeas clasping the first glow and bees flocking to gather the season's last pollen….

…babies reaching their full potential...

…seeds dispersing from arms full of beauty...

…and shadows….glorious shadows….touching every surface.

I get teary at this time of year. Perhaps it's selfishness…my love for morning light and open windows…my freedom to structure my days as I choose…my adoration of blossoms and prettiness and life. Tidying the house and preparing meals on my schedule…not a chore but rather a joy. The kids coming and going…riding bikes and running through the yard. Birds and breezes and endless wonderful laundry :) I've bought my summer lottery ticket with hope and a prayer. And secretly wish that Ellen or Martha Stewart or Oprah want to sponsor me as a stay at home mom. My summer wish. Again and forever. 


  1. Oh, but that tree is the winner. Gorgeous.

  2. I love zinnas! And those are so beautiful. I, too will miss the morning light. It's my favrite time of the day.

  3. I love zinnas! And those are so beautiful. I, too will miss the morning light. It's my favrite time of the day.

  4. You live in a beautiful part of the country! Love your flowers, they are gorgeous. I think zinnias do better in even a slightly cooler climate. I remember them from my childhood from Toccoa which is not that far from where I live in Georgia, but it must make a difference to the flowers!

  5. Yes it's changing here too but it's still summer for us. Have you had a wonderful summer? Has school started back?

  6. Beautiful scenes. School has been back in session here since the last week of July..... *sigh* I feel your pain.

  7. Monica, I hope the desire of your heart comes to pass!

  8. Well.. why not ask Martha or Oprah? :-) I hope you win the lottery... I have the freedom, but am old and retired. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. I know that feeling ... its like summer takes on a little tinge of anticipation and anxiety as it starts to come to a close. I always like to do my weeding after dinner, but now it gets dark at 7:45 and I can feel the dark settling earleir and earlier. ... I will say that as some one who has been both a working and stay at home mother, summer is its own special magic either way. Still, I hope you find your sponsor!

  10. I hope you get your wish ☺ Your garden is beautiful ♥

  11. Somehow I missed this last year...busy here too! I love the line 'a joy rather than a chore!'
    I really hope your wish/dream comes true!


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