Prince Snow Farm


I Choose.

 I choose light when the echoes of the day carry darkness.

I choose laughter when confronted with bleakness.

I choose to encourage optimism when gloom hovers near.

I choose the promise of tomorrow when a lapse of judgment troubles me. 

I choose compassion when animosity fills the air.

I choose love when sorrow invades.

I choose to give when inundated with greed.

I choose joy when unhappiness festers itself.

I choose to create as I witness neglect. 

I choose life as idleness stealthily approaches.

I choose.

What do you choose?


  1. What a beautiful post! Words and photos are so refreshing and fill my heart and soul with profound JOY!

  2. another amazing post, dear friend....I've watched you grow into a most amazing woman. your words and pictures are so you and wish you a wonderful new year...MS

  3. I choose positivity!

    These days the news is so depressing, but when Steve and I get to talking about things in the news that are downers, we say "that's not in our script". We get back on script leading the wonderful, life we do.

  4. Wise words and captivating photos!!

  5. I love that Monica. I have the time now to choose what I want to do and haven't really thought about it nor put it into words. I guess I am just drifting along with the days.

  6. Loved reading this! Beautiful words and photos ♥

  7. Remember what I was saying about your pictures being GORGEOUS?!?!?! THIS is what I'm talking about. :)

    Great work, friend. And the choices you make bless me allllll the way on the other side of this country of ours!!! <3 it and you!

  8. Lovely.... Totally agree with this optimistic mind set! Love your photos!


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