Prince Snow Farm


The Daffodil Fields

If you haven't made the journey to Parson's Reserve in Dartmouth, Massachusetts,
 put it on your to do list.

You enter the woods through an almost hidden path...

...and trek up a nicely cleared, somewhat inclined 1/3 mile path.

As you round the last bend, the forest canopy opens to a glorious field of yellow.

It's like the secret garden of your dreams.

As you catch your breath and walk the paths, every vista is filled with pure butter melting across a green stemmed landscape.

It is intoxicating.

Billowing petals wrap delicate stamens in protective blankets.

Hollow echoes of a winter just passed disperse among the Birch trees...

...and springtime's melodic trumpets fill the air with a cautious melody.

It is a walk of meditation...of reverie...of faith.

It is hopefulness and motivation.

It is Earth's elements swirling around you in an innate tribal dance.

It is your earliest memory...your ugliest cry...

It is LOVE.


  1. Nothing more amazing than a huge field of daffies! Thanks for sharing! The scent must have been amazing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. It's so touching. They looks like the meadow of little smiling suns. Your photos full of spring.

  3. This place is on my list of places to visit!!!


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