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Garden Planning 2016 (including seed sources and resources)

When I was 10 and had a little garden patch behind my parents garage, I never dreamed that my love of velvety coleus and fascination with sticky blossomed petunias would carry me 40 years forward and would be my guiding light.

Since we have lived here in Coastal Massachusetts (also nicknamed The Farm Coast), for the past 17 years, I have always gardened. When the kids were young we had a small vegetable garden. Years later we planted an extensive perennial garden, but when I became pregnant with my second child and had a few complications early on, I was told I had to stay away. Thus the beautiful perennial garden became overrun with weeds and a few years later, was just a memory at the bottom of the sloping hill, just before the woods.

Seven years later, in 2010, we planted a large vegetable garden in the space shown above. After hours and hours of daily weeding and no end in site, we knew we had to come up with a new plan. In 2012 we built the raised bed garden. We filled the beds with an organic compost from a local horse farm. Eventually we laid down a thick weed block on the pathways. This garden has been going strong ever since. Raised beds allow for low maintenance, easy weeding, and are easy to irrigate.

I always joke that once you get the plants established, the garden just kind of grows itself.

Cosmos Double Click Mix

As I started planning Prince Snow Farm 2016, I started thinking about expanding my flower production. I did a bit of research, built a small seed collection based on what I know grows well during hot, humid Massachusetts summers, and the plan was made!

I thought it might be helpful if I shared my seed sources and other go to resources for planning.

Vegetables: I have always bought my veggie seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. This non-GMO seed company has an amazing assortment of vegetable and flower seed. 

My favorites:

Pink Brandywine Tomato
Yellow Brandywine Tomato
Dr.Wyche's Yellow Tomato
Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry Tomato
Martino's Roma Tomato
Blue Lake Bush Beans
Early Scarlet Globe Radish
Big Boston Lettuce
Boston Pickling Cucumbers
Chinese Miniature White Squash
Squash Mongogo Du Guatemala
Squash Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop
Squash Connecticut Field
Boston Marrow Squash
Big Max pumpkin
White Scallop Squash
Pumpkin Jaune Gros De Paris
Butternut Squash Squash Galeux d'Eysines 

My favorite place to purchase organic seed potatoes is Wood Prairie Farm in Maine.

I also grow a variety of herbs, mostly purchased locally. 

Flowers: I always buy a random assortment of Zinnia seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds when I order my veggies.

This year's plan: (and I'm saving $ by using my leftover veggie seeds from last year):

Knee-High White Cosmos:Snow Sonata
Kneehigh Cosmos : Sonata Mix
Dancing Petticoats Cosmos
White Seashells Cosmos
Double Click Cosmos
Little Ladybirds Cosmos
Double Butterfly Cosmos
Apricot Blush ZinniasBlue Point Bouquet Zinnias
Cabaret Zinnias
MightyLion Zinnias
Raspberry Sorbet Zinnias

Celosia Plume Mix
Black-Eyed Susan Sahara
Black-Eyed Susan Chiminee Mix
Dusty Miller New Look
Iceland Poppies Sherbet Mix
Bells of Ireland
Chinese Forget-Me-Not
Snow Puff Cosmos
Purity Cosmos
Double Click Mix Cosmos
Queen Anne's Lace
Zinferella Peach Zinnia
Oklahoma Salmon Zinnia
Benary'sGinat Salmon Zinnia
Gleam Salmon Nasturtium
Dahlia Cornel

sunrich orange sunflowers
procut gold sunflowers

Starburst Panache Sunflower

assorted dahlias

And there you have it! I also cannot emphasize enough how all of these seed sellers are also a wealth of knowledge! I have taken down many notes from all of their sites to guide me on my journey.

 Floret Flowers has been EXTREMELY helpful in my planning. I have read from their blog
 daily for inspiration and ideas.

 I have also discovered a new friend close by. Debbie Bosworth is a flower farmer here in Massachusetts. She has a great blog with lots of tips! It can be found here. 

Gardening is about planning and tending and coddling….but it is about a love of nature. Gardening is my art. I express myself through what I grow. 
And I wouldn't have it any other way.


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