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Slow it down….

I planted the dahlias on my Dad's birthday in May. We shared them as a favorite flower, and it was kind of my way of saying "I miss you". When none of them flowered I was a bit down. I picked the lone bud and brought it in. It is slowly opening, each day comforting me with a bit more joy. And here is where my life lesson presented itself. Perhaps I expect more than I should at times. Perhaps my expectations, especially for myself, need to be scaled back and slowed down a bit. Perhaps I need to let life just happen instead of spending so much time wishing and hoping. I'm ok if this is as far as this dahlia opens. It's beautiful. And I know my dad would think so too.


  1. They say that if you don't dream big nothing new will happen. :) I guess it all comes in its own time though.

    Remember, your dahlia will bloom more next year.

  2. I planted dahlias for the first time this year and learned that if you don't support them properly they look less a mess of weeds with beautiful flowers that were great for cutting. There is one set left that the frost hasn't ruined. Yet. Bringing in the last of the flowers will be a quick project for today.

    Life is built on wishes and dreams. Never stop. Life doesn't and neither should you. And I'm sure you made your Dad smile.

  3. How neat that your dad and you shared a favorite flower.. each time you see you for the rest of your life you will think of him. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. You're right. It's pretty just the way it is.

  5. Simply scale back, to where you know you have found your Comfort Zone....?

    And later, you may find that your Comfort Zone, is calling for more....

    But try to stay within that Comfort Zone, which your body will tell you of, if you listen....

    Just my views....


  6. I am really working on "going with the flow". I have ideas on things I want to complete this month, but I am not stressing on anything.


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