Prince Snow Farm


Returning to the Earth

Autumn in New England.

Since we turned the clocks back, I feel like I spend my time chasing the light.

The woods beyond the garden block the late afternoon sun, but I cannot be too upset, as the sunlight streaming in a dappled spotlight through the branches is awfully pretty.

Temps in the 60's in November, green grass contrasting perfectly with the changing leaves, bronze fennel bursting with life, morning glories giving their seeds to the earth....what's not to love?


  1. I'm having such similar images around me here in the countryside of Oregon. Enjoy it!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sounds like perfect weather! Is this your place? It sure is beautiful.

  3. like the purple/maroon pants! same color as my replacement pansies....I bought pansies in October and one night the deer ate all the blooms...found some better ones on sale ($3.99!) and now I dutifully bring them in every night and take them out in the morning, hoping to avoid the same fate.

  4. Wonderful photos! Love the color and the weather. It sure is beautiful!

  5. We've been having freakishly warm weather in Maine too. Like you, I'm enjoying it, but I fear that it may be a result of global climate change. You capture late autumn beautifully.

    1. Just catching up on comments Sarah! Even today was rainy and low 50's !!


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