Prince Snow Farm



A long day, tired eyes, slumpy posture.

Should I have a coffee? Nah. Too late in the day. I won't sleep.

Let me at the bag of M&M's. I am starving...Or am I?

"Oh look, the turkeys," I mumble,  half to myself, half to Stormy,  as she gives me the sideways pug glance. My hands automatically grab the camera from its pouch and sling it around my neck. My well worn green muck boots sit by the screen porch door. I slide them on, hoping nothing is living inside them. I'm  too lazy to check. I shut the door behind me and have barely taken in one full breath when I feel it.  It is royalty in my presence. It is the most intense embrace I have ever felt. It is love like no other. It is the crimson plume of autumn grasses. It is  a fallen apple beneath the tree. It is a budded dahlia and the hawk in flight. It is fallen seeds and foraging chipmunks. It is bejeweled zinnias and twisting morning glories. It is the touch of the late afternoon air on your cheek, or the sound of the Great Horned Owl deep in the woods. I drink it in and it nourishes me. It is nature, and it has me wrapped around its little finger.


  1. Lovely... Lovely.... Lovely.... -happy sigh-


  2. We don't have huge seasonal changes in our area. In fact, summer is lingering well into October with the forecast today of 91° on the beach. But, the location of the sun tells us that it is fall and I love it.

    1. Sounds fabulous Carol.Last year we had already had a frost . This year 60's and low 70's through next week. I'l take it!

  3. A beautifully captured romance
    between you and Nature. Love it.

    xo Suzanne

    1. Thanks Suzanne! It's so nice to hear from you!

  4. That's why I was missing your words in the previous posts...

  5. You did that well, you expressed a real feeling of Autumn.


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