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I'm going to toot my own horn a bit. 

I am loyal. Always have been. Always will be.

I cannot really help it. It's part of my genetic make up. 

My parents are two of the most loyal people I have ever known.

So what is loyalty?

The ability to keep a secret?

Lending an ear?

Staying by someone's side through thick and thin?

Personally, I think it's about compassion…caring for someone else enough that what they do and say and feel matters just as much to you as it does to them.

I think it's about being there for them even when they are pressing your buttons….

…or when you are pressing theirs.

The best part is that LOYALTY doesn't expire. It's still there when you see your college BFF 20 years later…or when your best friend in high school lives thousands of miles away. 

I must admit I think it's one of the finest qualities to look for in a friend or a lifelong companion.

So I'll wear my pageant sash proudly, and pass it along to the next generation. 


  1. Loyalty is a wonderful, I think. I'm loyal too. :)

    Had the same best friend since 5th grade and several other friends for 25 or more years. I can't imagine life without them. And you know families....through thick and thin we need loyalty because family can get crazy!

  2. Put masterfully. Kind of like family that you love unconditionally.

    1. You are too kind. And yes, that's exactly it!!

  3. I agree with you, about loyalty- you have a bundle of it and do you know how rare of quality that is becoming in this day and time and how much I admire and respect you for this. Well I do!!
    I have two friends who have been so loyal and good to me for nearly 28 years now and I to them.
    It's a beautiful thing:)

    1. My goodness you are sweet Jemma!! Wow 28 years, the best kind of friendship!!

  4. I love this!!! You ARE soooo loyal, friend! :) The older I get the more I realize that loyalty is rare. It truly is a treasure to find.

    I consider myself loyal to a fault, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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