Prince Snow Farm



photo by Noah Tavares aka The Coastal Photographer

I thought this photo by my son was the perfect representation of my theme for today, FOCUS. It's not just the sharpness of an image, or how clear it appears. It's our  every day lives. Work, play, family. I love how the photo is crystal-clear in some places, and perfectly blurred in others. That's reality. Sometimes we know where a path is leading us, and other times we are close, but not quite there. We cannot quite figure out what to do or which way to turn. And then, when we think all has failed, things come into FOCUS. We find our way on the right path. Not to say there won't be twists and turns, and roots to trip over….but these experiences will make us stronger and wiser. Sometimes the most unexpected and wonderful things happen when life is a little out of FOCUS.

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  1. Gorgeous photo by your son!!! That effect is called something like bohka. Something like that. Can never remember the proper word. But love the effect!!!

    and it illustrates your Word, so well, as well.

    Hugs and magic,


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