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For some reason when I read the word “compassion”, my eyes always focus on PASSION.. It hovers like a hummingbird an arm’s reach from me. Sometimes, more often than not, I feel the tug to go and “do”. I wait for the word to flap its little invisible wings and lead me to a part of the world where I am needed. I have ALWAYS felt the call…from the time I was a little girl swaddling my baby dolls I have felt it. It comes from somewhere deep. It’s a pull, a want, a need. It’s a feeling that someone is hurting or lonely or filled with grief. I feel it often. It brings me to tears often. At bedtime when I am in the passing between life and dreams, I feel the strongest tug. Yet here I am, mom, wife, teacher, gardener. I putter my days away, and then lay my head on a soft pillowcase, wondering if I have ignored the pleas or perhaps I am not needed yet.

P.S.Thanks Tessa

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  1. Thanks? For encouraging you to add your personal words, to your 30 Days? You are very welcome, my Dear. :-)

    I think we bloggers love to resonate with our blogging friends. And our words, add so much, to this resonance.

    Our photos show some of the outside of our world. Our words, and give a peek, into some of the inside of our world.

    This pull you have always felt.... Me-thinks you are a very empathetic personality. Where others read of sorrows, and are genuinely sorry for them, at the time.... Some empathetic people tend to internalize such. Almost feel them, themselves. Maybe....?

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Yes Tessa. I just didn't think I'd have time. But I have decided to go for it. Although the photo isn't as easy as you'd think. I do obsess over picking a photo, and then I play around with words for a quote forever! I really wanted the quote to be mine. But I am going to grab this bull by the horns and run with it!! Thank you!

  2. I'm so happy that you are doing so, even if it takes time. It's totally different this way, it *feels* different.
    I'd have a lot to say regarding what you've written here, but I will stay quiet, and just enjoy your words... the meaning of those words. And gently, offer you a friendly shoulder for when you most need it...


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