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Sometimes life needs to be without a plan…or a schedule…or a syllabus.


My morning walk to the garden, (to do my daily check in), became a lesson in photographing orange and yellow and red...

It became an impromptu flower arranging class, creating an entirely edible bouquet of nasturtium, tarragon flower, oregano flower, and radish flower.

When we allow ourselves time to pursue our passions, even accidentally, somehow we smile a little bit more. We feel more encouraged and motivated.

Whether you have an extra five minutes, or an entire day off, allow yourself time to let your mind wander…to hope, to dream, to plan...

Take a walk in the rain…watch the sun rise….read a book…write in a journal…cook your favorite meal…spend time with someone special…put your feet up and rest your eyes…and your mind...

Live in the moment.



  1. Very inspiring. Although I'm not a spontaneous person I certainly do appreciate the beauty of nature and keep a photo journal of the things that bring me happiness.

    1. Thanks Judith! I'm trying to be more spontaneous, as I tend to be a creature of habit!

  2. Those pictures are stunning! I often add nasturtium flowers to salads. Next time I need to add them to an edible bouquet like you've done!

    Best wishes and thanks for sharing your photos at the #sundaysdownunder linky party

    1. Thanks Natasha! It was VERY impromptu, but I was very pleased with the results!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! Those are spring flowers for us and are long gone. It feels good to look at the pretty rich color of your photographs.

    1. Thanks Stacey. We have them throughout the summer into fall here,however I was not as pleased with my seeds this year.


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