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Take the Long Way Home

Why is everyone in such a hurry? Recently I've been fixating a bit on the rush of life around me.

A car will fly by me, yet we end up side by side at the traffic light.

Blank faces elbow their way down the grocery aisle, yet I leave the store first.

I think this rush of life bothers me so much because when we focus on the speed, we miss the things around us.  

We miss the purple loosestrife growing wildly in the highway median (yes, an invasive species, but still a pretty sight). 

We miss the cumulous clouds that are floating like whipped cream across a robin's egg blue summer sky.

We miss the praying mantis sitting regally on the handrail of the front stairs. 

We miss smiles and nods. We miss a loved one's grief-stricken call for help.

Even at school, we are rushed. Rushed to teach, rushed to run to the next meeting …no  time to exhale, regroup or collect our thoughts. 

It's time to slow it down.  
Pause and look at faces.
 Look up at a starry night sky. 
Write your child a love note. 
Take the long way home. 

How do you slow it down when life is getting out of hand? 

Please share in the comments below.


  1. So true all those points you you made, and do those people do with the time they think they saved. I do admit when we were young parents, life always was a rush. Now I'm older & wiser. in France life is slow, so you can't rush.
    Lovely photos. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! I imagine the pace in France must be perfect.

  2. I say no thank you and sometimes I don't answer the phone. Every now and then you just have to shut it all out and focus on what matters most.

    1. Yes I think sometimes we just need to shut it all out!

  3. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I am in the process of selling, buying houses, packing, storing and movers and inspections and mortgages. It is all too much. When you get older, you can't process it all nor multi-task anymore. If this all doesn't kill me, I might even get to enjoy winter, which I abhor. Keep your fingers crossed.

    1. Boy you have your hands full Donna! One step at a time! And when the day becomes overwhelming,take a deep breath and read a chapter from a favorite book,have a cup of tea or a piece of cake!Take a walk around the block or call a friend and vent. Hoping your tasks go smoothly and you are settled in no time flat!

  4. I've jut always moved through life in the slow lane and noticing everything around me.. I always thought it was because I am an artist attuned to the finer details of the tableaux of life. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I also have always been a noticer.My kids too. I grew up that way. My dad was a noticed,and I liked the things he noticed….the birds, the garden, the sky…so I guess it came naturally!

  5. I loved your beautiful message! Thanks for reminding me to "stop and smell the roses." I will definitely be taking this reminder as I start the day and try to slow down! Have an amazing weekend!

    Amy J.

    Bowlines and Lace

    1. Thanks Amy! I am so glad you stopped by and found some inspiration! You have a great weekend as well!

  6. I love your take the long way home thought!

    One thing that helps me regain my equilibrium is taking my 11 year old dachshunds to my bedroom and asking them if they want me to brush them. They always say yes and as I brush out their tangles and small leaves that have clung to their skirts, the warmth of their bodies and the look in their beautiful black eyes of unconditional love as they watch me slows down my heart rate and I feel groomed as much as them. This is especially helpful after hours spent working on our family business paperwork and tax forms.

    When our kids were young and we'd travel to the mountains of East Tennessee, we'd take the state roads instead of the interstates the last few hundred miles, stopping often in small towns. Those are some of my favorite travel memories.

    May your long way home trips this week be full of quiet blessings!

    1. I love how you slow it down! We all need to find that perfect thing! Sounds like you have found yours! And I also love taking the back roads!

  7. Wise, and beautifully written post....

    Thank you so much....

    Such, can not be said, often enough....


  8. I've really been thinking about this A LOT lately. Especially what you said about the people in traffic. I'm always saying to the other drivers, "We're all in this together. Go ahead, pass me. Ohhh, now you see why I was going slow don't you? You can't get around that little truck going 55 in the face lane any better than I could, can you?" lol! I'm not mad about it at all, I just find it funny the way people dart in and out and around only to find that maybe there is a reason why there's a bit of a hold up.

    My favorite ways to slow down are all related to short breaks. Whenever I have a lot of commitments, I always try to build in a little time to be still. It might look like reading a book or writing an essay in the car while I'm waiting for a practice or rehearsal to be finished. It might look like a Sunday morning baking session just because. It might look an afternoon walk through the neighborhood when I have 15 or 20 minutes that I can spare. Also, if I wake up in the morning, I get up. My favorite thing to do is to sit by a window or outside (when it's not too cold) with my Bible.

    Tell me more about your favorite ways to hit the pause button!

  9. nice ideas.... but it's 'cuz we're all LATE .....
    who invented clocks anyway? which reminds me, there is a
    county garden near here that has a sundial. You hold your hands
    over your head and "stand on the correct month" and the shadow of your hands
    hits the hour. It doesn't really do minutes. Maybe we need to go back to that.


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