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Open Windows

My husband just left for golf, and I don't even think the car door closed before I shut off the windowA/C and cranked open all of the windows and doors. Here in coastal Massachusetts, it can get hot, and VERY humid; however, living a couple of miles from the ocean usually gives us a breeze. It picks up mid-morning (just felt it now), and continues til dinner time when the humidity goes back up again. I'm ok putting the kitchen/living room air back on at that time.

 I spent all winter shoveling, white knuckle driving and hibernating. I NEED to hear the birds on the arbor over my bedroom window(in a chaotic overgrowth of vines). I NEED to hear the hawk calling a bit frantically to her babies. I NEED to hear the cicadas hum and neighbor's lawn mowers. 

 I stood beneath the sunflowers in the garden yesterday, an ocean of blue sky overhead, the twitter of birds from the woods surrounding me, and I knew right at that moment how blessed I am to have this place that nurtures my soul but also sustains my family.

A place where dreamers dream….

…a place where an almost 50 year old mom photographs blossoms and leaves and life, in hopes of turning this passion into the fruit of her future.

Time stands still in the garden…

…allowing  for contemplation and preparation.


P. S. If you know of anyone looking for someone to write a garden blog or  column, to photograph gardens, plan school gardens, etc…PLEASE send them my way!

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