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Take the Long Way Home

Why is everyone in such a hurry? Recently I've been fixating a bit on the rush of life around me.

A car will fly by me, yet we end up side by side at the traffic light.

Blank faces elbow their way down the grocery aisle, yet I leave the store first.

I think this rush of life bothers me so much because when we focus on the speed, we miss the things around us.  

We miss the purple loosestrife growing wildly in the highway median (yes, an invasive species, but still a pretty sight). 

We miss the cumulous clouds that are floating like whipped cream across a robin's egg blue summer sky.

We miss the praying mantis sitting regally on the handrail of the front stairs. 

We miss smiles and nods. We miss a loved one's grief-stricken call for help.

Even at school, we are rushed. Rushed to teach, rushed to run to the next meeting …no  time to exhale, regroup or collect our thoughts. 

It's time to slow it down.  
Pause and look at faces.
 Look up at a starry night sky. 
Write your child a love note. 
Take the long way home. 

How do you slow it down when life is getting out of hand? 

Please share in the comments below.


Back to School

Well, here's my annual post. As long as I have had a blog, I have written a back to school post, (seven years). Don't expect to see where to buy the most durable notebook, or who has the highest percentage off of school clothes. It's not that kind of post.  It's a post about me, as selfish as that may sound….about returning to my teaching job and leaving my kids and garden and home,,,,and a certain adorable little pug.

Let's get this part out of the way first. Yes, I am grateful to have a job. Yes, I am more than grateful to have this time with my children. I have always been thankful for this. But I cannot help wondering what it would be like to be a stay at home mom. I thoroughly enjoy being home. I love to putter, clean, and decorate.  I get pure joy from baking or planning a meal , or serving up a yummy breakfast. And that's where I struggle a bit. I leave before my kids…middle school starts early! The plus is that I am home for them in the afternoon. The drawback is that I am not there
to make breakfast, make sure lunches and homework are tucked safely in backpacks.I am not there to smooth the top of a ponytail, or to run forgotten homework to school.

I have been writing for several magazines and websites recently. I adore sharing my passion for gardening…for growing food to sustain our family.  I enjoy photographing nature in all seasons, and have been privileged to share essays and photographs with several sources close to my heart. I am actively pursuing an avenue that will allow me to retire within the next few years to follow my dreams. 

Soon I will begin my 24th year teaching. And I will give 100% of "me" to my students. Because, no matter what my dreams are, this is my current reality. And the ocean of faces before me each day will be counting on my guidance, my lessons, my compassion.

So whether I am teaching about blossoms that reach for the sky...

….about smooth, striped squash that will end up on our dinner table….

…or about 6th grade math and science, I will always promise to teach from the heart. Every day.


Summer in New England

Hi everyone! First off, I have not gone anywhere! Apparently my blog has had some issues! I thought my blog was not appealing to anyone these days; however, I had one friend who told me she was unable to leave a comment, and another who said that my new posts were not updating in her feed. Horrors! So after a bit of exploring, I discovered that I had posted TOO MUCH!! Horrors again! This is my seventh year blogging! So I went back and deleted some of my oldest, insignificant posts, and like magic, my blog updated! Hooray! (It was an issue with feed burner).


So I am here! And I am enjoying summer here on the coast of Massachusetts.

It's been hot and sunny, just the way summer should be.

And we are so lucky to have the cutest little town beach.

Can you believe that on a hot summer night we were the only ones enjoying the breeze off of the shore? But shhhh, don't tell our secret, because it was sort of nice that way!

We weren't there for long, just long enough to cool off, regroup, renew.

I love this view. It's inspiring. 

As a nature lover, the salty air fills my soul.

As a writer, the nuances of greens and blues replenish my think tank.

As a mom, this snippet of time becomes embraceable, and I tuck it away for a cold winter's day.

How have been inspired this summer?



Sometimes life needs to be without a plan…or a schedule…or a syllabus.


My morning walk to the garden, (to do my daily check in), became a lesson in photographing orange and yellow and red...

It became an impromptu flower arranging class, creating an entirely edible bouquet of nasturtium, tarragon flower, oregano flower, and radish flower.

When we allow ourselves time to pursue our passions, even accidentally, somehow we smile a little bit more. We feel more encouraged and motivated.

Whether you have an extra five minutes, or an entire day off, allow yourself time to let your mind wander…to hope, to dream, to plan...

Take a walk in the rain…watch the sun rise….read a book…write in a journal…cook your favorite meal…spend time with someone special…put your feet up and rest your eyes…and your mind...

Live in the moment.



Open Windows

My husband just left for golf, and I don't even think the car door closed before I shut off the windowA/C and cranked open all of the windows and doors. Here in coastal Massachusetts, it can get hot, and VERY humid; however, living a couple of miles from the ocean usually gives us a breeze. It picks up mid-morning (just felt it now), and continues til dinner time when the humidity goes back up again. I'm ok putting the kitchen/living room air back on at that time.

 I spent all winter shoveling, white knuckle driving and hibernating. I NEED to hear the birds on the arbor over my bedroom window(in a chaotic overgrowth of vines). I NEED to hear the hawk calling a bit frantically to her babies. I NEED to hear the cicadas hum and neighbor's lawn mowers. 

 I stood beneath the sunflowers in the garden yesterday, an ocean of blue sky overhead, the twitter of birds from the woods surrounding me, and I knew right at that moment how blessed I am to have this place that nurtures my soul but also sustains my family.

A place where dreamers dream….

…a place where an almost 50 year old mom photographs blossoms and leaves and life, in hopes of turning this passion into the fruit of her future.

Time stands still in the garden…

…allowing  for contemplation and preparation.


P. S. If you know of anyone looking for someone to write a garden blog or  column, to photograph gardens, plan school gardens, etc…PLEASE send them my way!

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