Prince Snow Farm


a gift.

 On long winter nights I cozy under the down comforter, and drift off into a dreamland of lazy ocean breezes and the kiss of spring rain.

My winter dreams are vivid and hauntingly beautiful, staying with me long after I awaken.

Dreams of catbirds calling to me from the arbor outside the bedroom window…a conversation, although silent on my part, undeniably meaningful to both.

Dreams of nature calling to my heart and finding a true companion…

But most of all, my winter dreams are green…..and white, and pure. They are an awakening of the soul, a connection to our universe.

My dreams are unthawed earth giving way to blades of grass….

…they are stalks and stems growing leaves and buds….sprouting life.

And in these dreams I find what I am seeking...

a wish upon a wish

for beauty and peace and joy 

to envelop us all as we walk on this Earth.

I chase these dreams in all four seasons...

afraid to miss an ounce of what has been so lovingly gifted.

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