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The Golden Hour

  We went for a ride to the lighthouse last night.

Now that my 16 year old son has caught the photography bug, we watch for the best light, otherwise know as The Golden Hour ( or Magic Hour).

We arrived at the lighthouse a little bit before 7:00pm. 

We snapped a few shots, then waited.

We waited for the time when the sun, ( after sunrise or before sunset), casts a warm glow across the sky and ocean and everything in its path.

It's a subtle glow at first.

Then it crawls up and over…..

and fills your world with a giant hug.

And there's no question about if it's there. 

It's unmistakeable.

And depending on the direction you are facing,

the light casts new glimpses onto once hidden treasures...

…and causes you to stop and enjoy the new view.

I've never shot the lighthouse from down on the rocky shoreline below, but suddenly the sky was an amazing blue and the lighthouse basked in warm light.

I found the only problem was my shadow kept trying to steal the spotlight.

But I worked around it,

enjoying the peace and quiet of the waves lapping the shore, 

….and extra time with this handsome son of mine...

….adoring that we share a love of the world around us….

…especially at The Golden Hour.


  1. Beautiful post ! Than you for the photos.

  2. I love that your son has caught the photography bug!

  3. Such lovely photos. You and your son will be learning new ways to capture the best shots together.

  4. He is handsome:) I have one too, also likes photography..
    golden hour sounds tranquil.

  5. These are so beautiful! I'm so glad you linked-up!

  6. I loved that "giant hug" description. And the lighthouse photos are gorgeous: pinned!


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