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 Well the windows are open. Finally. And the air wafting in is fresh with the scent of springtime….a casually blended mix of freshly dug earth and expectant blossoms. And I am relishing every moment.

The Baltimore Oriole swoops down in an incredible curved path, headed straight for the top of the knotty old apple tree. He sings from the top. It's a song of pleasure. And then off he flits, disappearing among the unfurling leaves of a nearby tree. I wonder about their existence. Their brains.Their habits. Their purpose. Just as Darwin may have puzzled over the many varieties of finches on the Galapagos Islands. The migratory pattern of these birds amazes me. Can that not be called intelligence? That innate ability to travel thousands of miles to a place that offers a space to nest and  food to gather?

I realize that spring has not only awoken the part of my brain that likes to dream of lush gardens filled with bountiful crops and arms full of vibrant flowers….but the part of my brain that thinks and reasons. Nature has a way of allowing its simple existence to permeate the snow-covered cobwebs of my mind and allows me to launch fireworks that spark my inquisitive, curious, hopeful side.

As I water the radishes and early lettuces, a yellow-tailed hawk flies several feet over my head. I duck as the bold shadow momentarily blocks the sun. The hawk quickly perches on a barren branch at the top of a pine, his loud predatory call telling me there are babies nearby, and he is the protector. I finish my watering and head back up the hill, knowing that I am just a guest in this place on the edge of the woods where I push seeds into warm brown earth.

I sleep better these days. Maybe that's what happens when you fall asleep and wake up thinking about wild flower meadows and the cry of the catbird .

You just cannot help thinking about the path life is carrying you on. 
And somehow I think my answers are an arm's reach away….

Whatt does springtime mean to you?

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  1. Flowers flowers flowers! Birds chirping, longer country walks, and the thrill of new buds, posies of wildflowers and the greenest of greens!
    Hugs to you!!


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