Prince Snow Farm


beach day and yard work

 The snow is gone.
All of it. Every pesky little flake.

And being outside to  start the spring clean up is surreal.

That teeny, tiny, closed in  white world we have been living in for months is BIG. HUGE actually. With dead grass and piles of leaves and spent morning glory vines snaking crispy stems across the arbor and fence. And I love it. Every bit. 

So after a few hours of raking in the yard and gardens, I was ready for a little diversion.

When my daughter and her friend, both hopefully clad in beach attire and armed with squirt guns, begged for a trip to our town beach, I dropped the rake and hopped in the car.

The sky was bluer than blue. The ocean air swirled around us, clearing the cobwebs from our snow laden brains. Salt spray filled the air with hope and promise. And laughter.

It felt odd and wonderful to be in this place that was hidden from view for so many months….

…to take in the colors, the textures, the sounds…the details once again exposed.

A few masts bobbed their  affirmation, enjoying this view as much as we were.

We were only there for an hour.

But those 60 minutes replenished...


and encouraged, the something that had escaped from me during the long winter.

A true sign that a little time spent reflecting,

can prepare us for a glorious season of 

seaglass picking and beach blankets

of sandy toes and dreams for the future….

of living.


  1. Monica,

    You have a lovely blog, and your photos are gorgeous. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  2. We are entering our winter but no snow, our winters are pretty good cool days and cold nights.

    1. No snow! That would be a relief! Have you enjoyed your autumn?

  3. That is a great diversion from all of that yard work.

  4. Oh how I love the sea...and New England!

  5. I'm drunk with the excitement of Spring, after the winter we had! Beautiful photos!

    1. Isn't it amazing how big our world seems!

  6. Oh, I am so happy that Spring has finally come to your part of the world! What it does for the spirit is just so amazing; wonderful images of your newly (re)opened world!

  7. I walk on the beach every single day and every single day it soothes and rejuvenates me.

    I am glad that spring is here and your garden will be full of gorgeous colors.

  8. Looks like fun! I'm glad that it's finally warm enough for y'all to play.

  9. GORGEOUS!!!! I'd be there on every day remotely warm enough to take off my socks and shoes! :)

    1. Not yet but soon! Today's walk was cold and windy around 50 degrees.


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