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Yours, Mine, and Ours {daffodils}

 It has been a busy vacation week! New washer and dryer = catching up on LOTS of laundry…and actually enjoying it! I managed to squeak in an hour to plant my tomato seeds. Finally. They are tucked into a little greenhouse in our foyer. A cast iron radiator gives them warmth, while  south, east and west windows will bring them light when needed.

We have been busily trying to put the house back together again. Emptying the laundry room and adjoining bathroom closet for washer/dryer installation was a daunting task. Stuff. Lots of stuff. Too much! So I took that time to purge a bit . 

We also had just finished a remodel of our son's room. Forcing him to go through EVERY paper, nicknack, toy and book proved to be a challenge. But again, a welcome one. With the final product refreshing. 

 LOTS of raking and yard work took place in between all of the projects….

…the temps only getting into the low to mid 50's, but perfect for physical activity.

I snuck out very early on Friday to photograph a few of our daffodils. My fingers were numb as I attempted to style the daffys in the morning sunlight. My ever helpful picnic table sits near the treeline and stonewall, offering me a bit of shelter, and gorgeous dappled light. Ten minutes playing with these beauties made my day. Perhaps my week :)

But I am not the only one with daffodils. Nearby in Dartmouth there are thousands and thousands of daffodils . A short hike leads to gorgeous fields of yellow flowing through  a wooded grove.  William Parsons generously  donated this land and adjoining wooded trails to the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust (DNRT).

As the story goes, Parsons planted the daffodils to sell during wartime, when bulbs could not be imported from Holland. I am so glad he did this!

It is an inspiring hike and visit…..allowing introspection, admiration, and a true feeling of being at one with nature.

The trees are barely budding, as spring has come late to Massachusetts Farm Coast.

But this allows us to take in the shape and tone of each petal, the angles of the stems, without having to be distracted by the allure of fresh leaves or flowering branches. 


The beauty was endless.

Pure joy pushing strong from our Earth...

…and blessing us with grace,

…and family...

 and HOPE.


 Enjoy your weekend.




Almost in the Garden

Seeds are getting planted in flats and are taking over our house! (I love it!)

Please stop by Edible South Shore& South Coast and Read Part II in my gardening series.

Have a great Patriot's Day!


beach day and yard work

 The snow is gone.
All of it. Every pesky little flake.

And being outside to  start the spring clean up is surreal.

That teeny, tiny, closed in  white world we have been living in for months is BIG. HUGE actually. With dead grass and piles of leaves and spent morning glory vines snaking crispy stems across the arbor and fence. And I love it. Every bit. 

So after a few hours of raking in the yard and gardens, I was ready for a little diversion.

When my daughter and her friend, both hopefully clad in beach attire and armed with squirt guns, begged for a trip to our town beach, I dropped the rake and hopped in the car.

The sky was bluer than blue. The ocean air swirled around us, clearing the cobwebs from our snow laden brains. Salt spray filled the air with hope and promise. And laughter.

It felt odd and wonderful to be in this place that was hidden from view for so many months….

…to take in the colors, the textures, the sounds…the details once again exposed.

A few masts bobbed their  affirmation, enjoying this view as much as we were.

We were only there for an hour.

But those 60 minutes replenished...


and encouraged, the something that had escaped from me during the long winter.

A true sign that a little time spent reflecting,

can prepare us for a glorious season of 

seaglass picking and beach blankets

of sandy toes and dreams for the future….

of living.

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