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Spring has been a bit sluggish in our little corner of the world. The snowstorms left more than a blanket this winter. They left a fortress. One that extended as far as the eye can see. It's strange in a way, because as much as I despised it, especially driving in it, I also relished something about the cozy, closed in, shrinking of my world. 

We are still quite covered, even after a rainy week. (these photos were taken Wednesday of this week). But the daffodils and Irises, tucked cozily in warm earth up against a stonewall and facing south, are shouting with glee that spring has arrived.

Their green shoots are the sole sign of life in this landscape, other than the birds and squirrels, who have kept us company all winter.

We can finally get to the woods; however, this mama thinks she will hold off on that adventure for a while after hearing coyotes howling for a few nights. 

The garden still looks cozy, but hopefully is as anxious as I am to get this show on the road. 

Blue skies and sunshine cure the stresses of work and life. Even the cold temps don't seem so bad when your bones start to tell you spring is close. The thaw of the earth starts to fill the air and invades your nostrils. That smell is the holy grail to gardeners everywhere. 

We are so close. Baby steps.

My lavender hasn't fared well. Two winters with heavy snow and below normal temps have spoiled a glorious 15 year old stately lavender garden. I will replant with hope.

The sledding hill is still partially covered, but everyone seems to have had enough sledding. The kids want to swing and ride bikes and play four square.

As I head back to the house the wind swirls strong and cold, but the message is clear.
"Soon" whispers Mother Nature as she kisses my cheek.  "Soon". 


  1. I sure hope your Spring happens fast. I'm about to go out and cut a huge bouquet of lilac in 3 colors! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lovely pictures. Your house is so cute. Fingers crossed for u that Spring will be sooner than later.

  3. Bet you are glad to see the beginnings of spring.

  4. I just love the signs of spring slowly turning up everywhere! Happy Sunday xxx

  5. I love seeing your beautiful pictures and hearing the hope in your "voice". It's been an especially hard winter and you remind us to hang in there when it's still bitter cold and still snow on the ground. I'm so sorry to hear about your lavender but glad you're going to replant. You have such a nice size yard and garden. More for the imagination to play with! :-)

  6. The snow is gone here in MN. A few green sprigs are starting to emerge. The ducks and geese are back and we are all waiting just like you!


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