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Saturday Musings

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It's the weekend!
A friend and I were talking recently about weekends, and how when everyone says "Have a Great Weekend", we smile and say the same, but inside we are thinking:

5 baskets of laundry (broken washer)
organize/pay bills
clean out the refrigerator
pack/ship orders
bake for a party
buy birthday gift
grocery shop
cook and cut veggies for week
change beds, etc…

Don't get me wrong, we don't save all of our chores for the weekend. But this is what's left after going strong everyday til bedtime. 

And right now we are also, cleaning out closets, my husband and son have sheet rocked/painted a bedroom, and then there's the S N O W.

So I guess what I am getting to is the fact that "weekend" has a different connotation for everyone.
What do I wish it could be?

I adore puttering. Rearranging things on the fireplace. 
Tidying the kid's rooms.
Hanging pretty things on the walls.
Planting seeds for the garden.

I am all about the puttering.

Playing Games.
I feel like we seldomly get to do this on the weekend.
My daughter was sick with an episode of  Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome for the last two days, and playing Go Fish was such a joy.  We laughed!!! (in between our fake British accents because we were so exhausted and punchy).


While this winter has made walking so difficult due to the fact that we do not have anywhere to walk, I miss it! Just a 30 minute walk clears my mind and puts me in such a better mood! 

So, what are your weekends like? Busy? Slow? Productive? Social?

Share with me!!

(…and I designed my new header on Picmonkey using pre made graphics from I needed a fresh change and shopped around a bit. I LOVE the graphics on Angie's site and have tried to think what else I could use them for. )


  1. Like the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey, for these retirees the question is, What's a Weekend? The only difference is that on Saturday we have bacon for breakfast and Sunday is sausage. Today it is moving a piece of furniture back to our house from our daughter's storage unit and then a lot of puttering to organize it.

  2. Your new header is lovely - cheerful, fresh - I adore it, GREAT JOB! My weekends are like any other day of the week since I work at home and my husband is always working at least one of the days or both. I often don't even KNOW what day it is! LOL! As for that 30 min walk, I seriously need to do that myself but my neighborhood is boring and this time of year so windy and cold I can't stand to even go aside most days, so I don't. Hence I keep gaining, and gaining, and gaining......but this week I turned over a new leaf.....walking in the few somewhat pathetic parks here with the hub on his days off and soon will pull out my exercise mat and blow the dust off it. Hoping to find some good indoor exercise channels on my ROKU.

  3. This weekend I went to my daughters place I do every couple weeks, I go on Friday night after visiting my friend on friday and spend the night at her place and come home on Saturday, we have a friend who stays at our place most friday nights so the beer fairy has company.
    Sunday I'm at home all day just pottering around.

  4. I am also like the Dowager Countess.. retired and every day is a weekend. But truly, I swim and do meetings during the week and most weekends are less "scheduled". I like the new look on your blog. One thing though.. the "changing images" thing on your side bar is making my computer HOT so I am having to race through reading so I can click off.. sorry to say. But it's pretty! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Your new header is beautiful: very clean and fresh.
    Yes, I am very similar to you: I seem to end the week still with many chores to be done, and I get grumpy about it. Like you, I love to putter, but also run, read, nap and watch chick flick movies ;)

  6. Now that I'm not working, weekends are much more relaxed. I remember well the craziness that happens when you are trying to squeeze everything in on the weekends.

    Your header is so pretty! Great job. :)

  7. Your blog looks nice all spruced up with the new graphics. You have such a natural affinity for decorating in many forms! Our weekends are Thurs., Friday & Sat. when hubby is off. Ours are so busy since that's when we get the majority of things done. I do laundry on days he's at work if I can. We run around to estate sales a day or 2 every weekend if there's any good ones on. We always walk the dogs daily but do it together on the weekends. We also try to hang a few things around the house and if we have any down time, we read. I love putteriing! I can't wait to get out and putter in the yard. I have so many ideas for spring planting and just general yard clean up. Plus we want to make a storage area on the side of the house and build a pergola. Never enough time!

  8. chores= necessary but boring, so I always schedule a hike or fun thing first, and then do chores around that. My solution to bad weather is lots of clothes- layers, Goretex, moon boots... whatever is required. Must get outside. I never really have enough time, but I just keep squishing things in.... every now and then I even "schedule" sleeping late!

    1. Sounds like you are very busy. I'm semi retired, so much quieter around here. Seems like there is still always something to do. I don't think women ever really retire though.

  9. Most of mine weekend are like you wrote in the beggining - household chores, shopping, cooking. But when the weather is good I forget about everything and go out for a walk.

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