Prince Snow Farm



Spring has been a bit sluggish in our little corner of the world. The snowstorms left more than a blanket this winter. They left a fortress. One that extended as far as the eye can see. It's strange in a way, because as much as I despised it, especially driving in it, I also relished something about the cozy, closed in, shrinking of my world. 

We are still quite covered, even after a rainy week. (these photos were taken Wednesday of this week). But the daffodils and Irises, tucked cozily in warm earth up against a stonewall and facing south, are shouting with glee that spring has arrived.

Their green shoots are the sole sign of life in this landscape, other than the birds and squirrels, who have kept us company all winter.

We can finally get to the woods; however, this mama thinks she will hold off on that adventure for a while after hearing coyotes howling for a few nights. 

The garden still looks cozy, but hopefully is as anxious as I am to get this show on the road. 

Blue skies and sunshine cure the stresses of work and life. Even the cold temps don't seem so bad when your bones start to tell you spring is close. The thaw of the earth starts to fill the air and invades your nostrils. That smell is the holy grail to gardeners everywhere. 

We are so close. Baby steps.

My lavender hasn't fared well. Two winters with heavy snow and below normal temps have spoiled a glorious 15 year old stately lavender garden. I will replant with hope.

The sledding hill is still partially covered, but everyone seems to have had enough sledding. The kids want to swing and ride bikes and play four square.

As I head back to the house the wind swirls strong and cold, but the message is clear.
"Soon" whispers Mother Nature as she kisses my cheek.  "Soon". 


Saturday Musings

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It's the weekend!
A friend and I were talking recently about weekends, and how when everyone says "Have a Great Weekend", we smile and say the same, but inside we are thinking:

5 baskets of laundry (broken washer)
organize/pay bills
clean out the refrigerator
pack/ship orders
bake for a party
buy birthday gift
grocery shop
cook and cut veggies for week
change beds, etc…

Don't get me wrong, we don't save all of our chores for the weekend. But this is what's left after going strong everyday til bedtime. 

And right now we are also, cleaning out closets, my husband and son have sheet rocked/painted a bedroom, and then there's the S N O W.

So I guess what I am getting to is the fact that "weekend" has a different connotation for everyone.
What do I wish it could be?

I adore puttering. Rearranging things on the fireplace. 
Tidying the kid's rooms.
Hanging pretty things on the walls.
Planting seeds for the garden.

I am all about the puttering.

Playing Games.
I feel like we seldomly get to do this on the weekend.
My daughter was sick with an episode of  Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome for the last two days, and playing Go Fish was such a joy.  We laughed!!! (in between our fake British accents because we were so exhausted and punchy).


While this winter has made walking so difficult due to the fact that we do not have anywhere to walk, I miss it! Just a 30 minute walk clears my mind and puts me in such a better mood! 

So, what are your weekends like? Busy? Slow? Productive? Social?

Share with me!!

(…and I designed my new header on Picmonkey using pre made graphics from I needed a fresh change and shopped around a bit. I LOVE the graphics on Angie's site and have tried to think what else I could use them for. )


Friday Afternoon Walk

About 16 more inches of snow this week.
Everyone I know has had enough. It has put a damper on life.
But sometimes you need to reach beyond the thing that is dragging you down and look for SOME redeeming quality.

Taking a "walk" after school Friday was just what I needed. The sky was painted a brilliant blue, with snow-covered trees and a ground cover of about 3 feet.

I couldn't get far with snow over my knees, but I tried! What a strange feeling standing at the same height as my fence. It's like a modified version of the world we know. Everything feels closed in and smaller. I imagine when the snow melts our world is going to seem HUGE….and green :)

And just for the record, in my (almost) 50 years, I have never seen anything even close to this!

 Snow covering the stone wall.

A snow spray covered my lens.

Dripping lichens.

Dormant Maple.

Snow-capped Pine

Prince Snow Farm

A hidden garden



Artist for a Day

When I was a little girl I would excitedly wait for Mrs. Cornell to come
into our classroom with a great big stack of white paper
and a basket full of paints.

I was am 8 year old girl filled with anxiety and joy.

Oh how I wanted to grab hold of that paint brush and
swipe it magically across the paper and see my own masterpiece.

A bird or a tree or a person. ANYTHING would do.

And  I tried. I really did. I drew and painted and imagined.
I persevered.
But what was in my mind and what lay on the paper never seemed to match.

As an adolescent and even as an adult, I still tried.
I waited for it to click.
But it didn’t.

And then one day I picked up a camera, and suddenly the pictures in my brain came to life..
The way I saw the dappled light in the woods, the way the flowers absorbed the sunlight, the way the ocean called my name.

I didn’t have to worry about being anxious. Photography became my paintbrush. And with it I was able to play with color and shadow and texture and  joy.

When I found the waterlogue app and converted several of my photographs to “watercolors”, I suddenly felt like the little girl sitting in that art class back in the early 1970’s.

For a moment. I could “paint”!!

It was pure magic. A gift from above….this app that made my photographs look like I imagined they would in paint!  The paintings I dreamed of making.

So now I play with my photographs and Waterlogue. I PRETEND to be a painter. I imagine dipping my brush in the watercolor tray and swiping the color across the paper. It makes me (and the little girl) smile. A big, big smile. Because I know that God  is telling me that I AM good enough. I AM blessed. I AM talented!

And that’s when it hits me. I AM an artist. The camera is my medium.

And I will paint the world!

Please visit a few of my  talented artist friends here:

The Coastal Photographer

(I have not received any compensation for this post. Just sharing an app and artists that bring me joy!)

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