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The Edge

There is something to be said for that time between wake and sleep. 
After watching Jeanne Oliver's first segment in her "Becoming: The Unfolding of You" series, I turned off the lights and absorbed every ounce of silence in my bedroom.
I've tried to discover who I am before. I've tried to "listen" to an inner voice. 
But this time was different. It happened IMMEDIATELY. 
"You are meant to teach." 
I heard it so loudly and clearly. And I panicked.
I have taught for 23 years, and  I thought I was being called in another direction.
Then the voice said, "Teach from the heart."
And I knew. Right away.
My garden. My flowers. My crazy trailing pumpkins.
I am meant to teach others about it all.
I'm not sure how. Or when. 
But I am ready.
Thanks to Jeanne.
And Silence.
And Listening.


  1. That's a wonderful realization! You definitely have the skills and the knowledge. You also have the ability to see beauty. Think about it come up with a plan. :)

    1. Thanks Stacey! I am trying to plan but I just don't have a clear path yet. In time I suppose. :)

  2. Yes, silence and listening have this amazing power!

  3. Oh, I hope you can bring
    this dream to the light! I'm
    chasing my own in 2015,
    as well.....

    Happy New Year!

    xo Suzanne

  4. I think when we quiet the noise all around us we can find answers. Love you are discovering what you love,


    1. I agree. Unfortunately it is hard for me, so my answers often take considerable time! But I am trying!!

  5. I am glad you are listening to your inner voice!

    1. I am trying Carol! I am not o e to find it easy though as my mind is usually on fast forward! I am trying to make time!

  6. Yes, late. I know. But I think you already are teaching. In many different ways.

    We read your thoughts, your words, your soul. And we see your beautiful pictures that are connected with your inner most thoughts. Your teaching us how to connect our early morning gazes out the window with words to describe what we see. Your teaching us how there are times when we must just stop and observe what is around us. And then observe some more by describing what it is we see in words.

    So yes, you are already teaching. And I enjoy reading what you write. And learning.

  7. My goodness thank you so much! I think I am going to print this comment out and keep it somewhere where I can read it daily! You have allowed me to see that perhaps the dream I have is already in the making. Thanks for allowing me to feel like my writing and photography has allowed others to view the world more fully!


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