Prince Snow Farm


Digging Out

 We are digging out today!

And digging!

We had somewhere around 20" give or take.

But the drifts are crazy, almost over this stonewall, up to the doorknobs etc...

It's easy to shovel right now (some nice neighbors used their snow blowers yesterday).
Uncovering the cars was the worst.

And we have such a narrow street to begin with, that now there's just about enough room for one car at a time. I'm not sure what I will do if someone is coming the other way!

And did I mention that we are expecting a little Friday and a lot on Monday?

I am available to housesit your tropical condo, beachfront resort, etc….

For now, I am going to go reheat my morning coffee, thaw out, and pay some bills.

Happy Snow Day!


  1. Hello over the bridge, down here on cape cod digging out as well ! where will we put all this snow!
    Our driveway is 500 feet from the road and hubby had surgery but is fine so we had to call for a plow to come...not here yet ~ roads are bad and high mts of snow in the way of the drive safe
    and keep warm and keep smiling....Lorraine

    1. Lorraine, thanks! Good Luck getting out! Glad to meet a blogging friend on this coast!

  2. WOW!!! It all looks so pretty and magical. And cold! We didn't get as much as predicted, which is fine with me. I'm sooooo ready for spring. Stay warm, cozy and safe! xo

  3. That's a LOT of snow but it sure makes lovely photos. I like the way you caught the curl of chimney-smoke on the second one.

  4. From here it is so pretty and looks like you could have lots of fun in it. But in reality cold, cold and hard work k.eep warm and safe.

  5. Well, it sure is pretty! It sounds like you've got everything well in hand, so I hope you enjoy your forced home days! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. More is coming? oh my… but you didn't have the power go out, right? That is always my biggest concern. I can't say I really miss the snow, but I do miss the the snow storms. There is that cozy feeling that comes with them and, for a while, all is white and gorgeous! We will all be following your neck of the woods.

  7. It's so beautiful! I just can't imagine, honestly. Stay warm!

  8. Your house looks lovely bathed in snow, but I have helped dig our car out of a snow storm (skiing trips) and it was not fun.

    Stay warm . . . write . . . be creative

  9. We had a couple days of rain but the sun is now shinning and the morning is hotting up, your snow looks lovely and so cooling but all that digging not keen on that.

  10. Yay! Snow day! At least you had one. Check the jealous box off next to my name. I had to slog my way to work. Glad you were able to dig out. We had about 22” here in RI. Isn’t it a great time to be outside?

  11. Snow is fun, in moderation! Meet me in Gulf Shores? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  12. My goodness!!!! It sure is beautiful, and since you're safe and warm, it's not toooo bad, right? I mean...Just pretend you're at a great Ski Resort or something! ;)

    I've really enjoyed watching everyone's posts go up on FB this week. I have friends in the North who keep posting snow pictures that are gorgeous...I have friends in the South who were making friendly fun of the terror of everyone in the North before the snow even started flying...I have friends in the South who grew up in the North and are sad to be missing out on all the snow...And then, I'm here in the PNW watching robins play in my yard! It's a strange winter! :)

  13. What a white heaven ! Wonderful pictures ... but I hope so much snow doesn't cause a lot of problems.
    Greetings ,

  14. what a stunning property even iwth the heavey blanket of snow! Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comment!

  15. Hi!!!

    I've been thinking of all of you in all that snow out there!!! I'm glad you and your family are ok!!!e

    I think snow is lovely to look at like this if you don't have to go to work and the whole family is under one roof and the electricity doesn't go out. Our electricity was out for 12hrs and we live here in Vancouver, BC. I guess a drunk hit a pole on the main street and that did it.

    I can't believe that you are going to get more!!! Your house does look beautiful in the snow, but, your house is beautiful. Your house is one of my most favorite homes in appearance!!! I always called these home Cape Cod or Oregon homes because this is where you find them the most. Don't ask me why, but, I always fall in love with them instantly. The next is in the 6th picture. Love them!!!

    I hope that they are wrong about the snow so you can get a break, you need it after all this!!!

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and take care over the next week!!!


  16. Hard to believe we are getting another six inches tomorrow and I wouldn't even think that school would be cancelled I enjoyed my two days off and it is back to teaching my sixth graders!

  17. Wow - it looks so gorgeous, but I can totally understand that dealing with it and carrying on with daily life is a real burden. And no, I didn't realize even more is on the way.

  18. How incredibly beautiful but how very very hard. Wish I could help! But I'd probably just be all giddy about it since I rarely get to see it. Heheheheh.... xoxoxo Jen

  19. I think you are getting this next storm too...the three day one..... hope your roof is OK :(


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