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Brrrr Blizzard Juno

 Just a quick post to let you know we are fine!
We have had about 20" of snow and it's still snowing hard.
The wind has beed hurricane force at times.

And remarkably, we still have power. Wahoo! After the last blizzard, we didn't have power or heat for days. I have never been so cold. It really made us appreciate what we have.

It's been so windy that the birds are getting pushed by the wind. The snow is blowing horizontally.
We stocked up the feeders to keep them full and happy. As spring approaches we will gradually back off. We have a nice thicket filled with berries and insects to keep their bellies full.

We couldn't see out any windows this morning. It was like nighttime. Now we have some places we can peek out. The kids have been out and even sledding. Ah to be young!

And lastly, I want to share one of my son Noah's photos. He has been eagerly photographing the south coast of Massachusetts. I'm pretty impressed with his eye, and his ability to teach himself how to use his camera and lenses. You can follow him on Facebook as The Coastal Photographer.

STAY warm!!!!!



  1. Well, you're getting a proper winter. We here in Oregon have had sunny warm days, to the point of having to open doors and windows to cool the house down! Crazy! Your snow sure is photogenic! Keep warm, Teresa :-)

  2. Wow, it looks so pretty. Now I'll whisper when I tell you that it was 74 here in Dallas today. Sorry.

  3. Hi Monica, So glad to hear you are safe and warm...It sounds like quite the storm.
    Your son is a great photographer too.

  4. your weather is making news headlines here! glad you still have power. Here's to making cozy memories!

  5. We had snow but the full effects of the blizzard missed us. We were expecting a foot or two but instead ended up with about 8". Hope you enjoyed the day!

  6. Beautiful photos! Stay safe and warm!

  7. just so glad you safe, warm, and with electricity... my gang send tons of purrs to stormy... i can't believe it still snowing by you... 1-3 inches of snow here, in detroit on thursday and guess what??? it's headed your way once again... stay positive... hugs2u all jeri

  8. am glad you are still with power even with all the snow. Here in eastern washington we are not having any winter except the cold and even that is sporadic. The usual winter has not arrived yet and at this late date have a feeling it won't. Your bird photos are so pretty and your son does have an amazing eye as well


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