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{Day 31} 31 Days of Writing Challenge


I learned SO MUCH during this challenge! Honestly, I never dreamed it could transform my way of thinking about writing. I started out without a plan, thinking I would just write about whatever came to mind. I faltered, and started a daily installment of fiction. But I became a bit greedy. "That's mine!", I thought. I wanted to keep it for me, no one else, so I removed it. I think the process of writing is so personal, that  I didn't want it shared until finished. So then I started choosing a sort of random photo daily, and had a great time writing free verse poetry. This was so far away from my usual writing, yet it felt pure and right, and freeing. But then life kicked me in the rear, and I was exhausted, and trying to fit in all of the things that HAD to be done. Like feeding kids and driving to practices, and prepping math lessons.

So I have spent a few days playing "catch up".And I did it! And it feels good.

So here's what I learned:

I am a hopeless dreamer.

Nature is my truest connection to this world.

I need to tap into my creative side, now more than ever. 

I WILL pursue my writing and photography.

That little girl above in the picture hasn't changed much in her love of flowers and gardens and all things pretty. (Please forgive the orange and pink.)

Life is fast, and I need to find more time for writing, or I truly will have regrets.

So look for LOTS more writing as autumn turns to winter. I hope you will join me and encourage me in my quest to transition careers over the next few years. 


  1. Hi Monica! I hope that you do make a place in your life for regular writing. I put a lot aside for teaching, which I don't regret; but I do wish I had devoted more time to writing over the years. It's getting a lot of attention now ~ so much so that I'm no longer saying I'm retired. Rather: I am a writer. Your photography is wonderful, too; so hang in there with it. Love the photo of you as a child, right down to the orange and pink ~ think tropical flowers! Take care!

    1. Thank you SO very much for your constant support! I am in awe of you as a writer!

  2. Hurray for finishing the 31 days of writing. That is quite a challenge. Good luck in transitioning careers!

    I also am discovering (again) that I need to allow time for creativity in my life as well. I am a more peaceful and purposeful person and I have more energy for life and others.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words!

  3. I'm so impressed at the learning you've shared here. And yes, life is so incredibly fast that writing can always, always get pushed to the side if we let it. Congratulations on your 31 days.

  4. Thanks Pauline! Fast sometimes makes me a bit ( a lot) overwhelmed, and then I become defiant and avoid what needs to be done! (P.S. Do you happen to remember if I was chosen to preread?)

  5. Moni, I am so excited for you. I truly know you will writing for a living in no time. Your passion for life gleens in your writing. So inspiring you are. xoxoxo Jen


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