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31 Day Writing Challenge Day 2 Catherine

31 Days of Writing Challenge
Day 2


I cannot see all of the details of the walls and floor. But if I close my eyes real tight I am there. I am sitting on a pink bristly textured chair with dainty doilies on the arms. Grandma Catherine is in the kitchen. It's large as kitchens go in third floor tenements. There's a table pushed up against the wall between the windows. On it is a glass candy dish filled with sourballs. There's also a black radio on the table. The same one Dad has. To the left is a black rotary phone on a table or maybe a shelf, with a built in china cabinet behind it. The large space heater fills the room with warmth. My brother and I peek into the front room when no one is looking. It's cooler there. And pure. And a little bit scary. There are a few statues of saints, and several pieces of furniture around the perimeter, and nothing else. We are hesitant to enter….I am not sure why. No one tells us we can't go in. But we don't. Grandma is washing dishes in her sink. I love that sink. Someday when I am big and have a house, I want a sink just like that! Even though we are on the outskirts of the city, that sink makes me feel like I am in a big old farmhouse. I like it here. It's cozy. Grandma's been cooking dinner. A boiled dinner maybe? I could smell it when we came up the back stairs. We don't stay for long. As we wait in the sitting room for Dad, we watch a few kids playing baseball in the schoolyard down below. There's a coffee table in front of the windows with a Christmas Cactus and a small wooden box. A few birthday cards stand near the edge. Everything is pretty here, and in its place. Nothing frivolous or glitzy. Before we leave we make plans for the following Sunday. I will go to church with Grandma, (Dad will drive us). I hope I won't feel like I am going to throw up like I always do when I am in church. I am excited because Grandma is going to come back to our house after church. She will stay for Sunday dinner. I can already taste the orange cake that  I hope she will bring. Yummmmm, that orange frosting is my favorite, all creamy with little flecks of pulp. But the best part is she will stay all the way until nighttime, when Lawrence Welk comes on. And I'll dance on the floorboards between the parlors as if I have taken lessons.  And she will smile at my awkward moves, and I will love her.


  1. I love this! It got my memories flowing!

  2. Ah...I just adore this...makes me long for a childhood. xoxo Jen


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