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So what have you been up to? Have you adjusted to the kids being back in school, or the impending change of the seasons?

As a teacher, and a mom, late August and ALL of September are absolutely NUTS. Crazy. Head spinning. Add to the mix my husband's new associate principal job, and throw about a bazillion more meetings into the mix. My open house, one open house for each child, husband's open houses….lots of staff meetings and curriculum meetings too.

Throw soccer, golf team and gymnastics into the mix. Toss lightly. Then scream.

The scream is probably related to the lack of clean clothes (washer's still out of order)…..

….or to the countertops I cannot find…or to the dining room reno going on now 10 months or so :)

Add emotion into the mix and it goes from bad to worse! My head swirls with the desire to be right HERE. All day. Here to make breakfasts and clean and create and pat a little recovering pug's head, (right where her shaved fur is growing back soft as a feather). I know I've said it all before….but that's who I am…a girl who dreams of being a SAHM. And yes, it took me a while before I even knew what that meant! 

So in between this, that, and the other thing, I throw my camera around my neck and sneak outside. Yes, even with stuff all over the counter, and smelly socks stuck in the cracks of the couch….and quite possibly before I have put the breakfast dishes from 8 hours ago into the sink.

It keeps me sane. it breaths the life back into me. It makes me LOVE the chaos, and allows me to accept that it's all part of some master plan. At least for now.

An expectant blossom, a snoozing, dew covered snake. Maybe not everyone's idea of fun. But for me, it is cheap therapy, a joy that fills my frantic nerve cells with pure bliss.

Coping strategies? Check.

Meditation? Check.

Renewal? You betcha.

And so that's why I wouldn't trade one smelly sock…..or all the tea in China...

….for my race through life. It's real….filled with children's laughter (and sibling torment), ….filled with experiences and moments...

I CAN dream for the future….but I choose NOT to wish away what fills my mind and heart every day….

That's called LIVING, and boy do I like it.

And on a side note, new cards listed in my shop!


  1. It may not all balance out but you have your priorities straight. Hang in there. I think you are doing really well with all you have on your plate.

    I love your pictures! It still looks like summer in your neck of the woods. I hope the snake is harmless! ;-)

    Jane xx

  2. Embrace the Now!! someone commented on my blog they don't know how I do it and instantly i thought of you and all the working moms who do work and home and I say 'I don't know how they do it!!' The secret is in secreting the beauty from the moments when and wherever they may be. And I really pray 'may all your SAHM dreams come true. Sometimes we look at someone else's package and think it looks so good but if we tore the wrapping from it and looked in side it would be as messed, broken,scratched and crazy as the one we are holding, right? thank-you for giving us the gorgeous glimpses of your embracing the now! it is no small wonder that one of God's first creations was a garden!

  3. I feel and understand your heart to be at home and able to focus completely on your family, but I gotta say, I think your students are pretty blessed to have you as their teacher.

  4. wow... i will never complain again... you are one busy person... i'm so grateful stormy is up and getting back to normal... makes my heart sing... i agree with you, nature certainly stabilizes life... as for that snake... ouch ouch ouch... pretty scary to me... sending you tons of hugs with a side of bark... your life is perfect... hugs2u.. jeri

  5. I don't have any of the family/school challenges you list, but I'm feeling the overwhelm too - in fact I just told friends not to expect to see me socially until after Thanksgiving. I love your coping strategies; maybe next time I sneak off for fresh air I should bring my camera and see what I discover.

  6. For years, I stretched my mind and body across the lives of 3 people in addition to myself. I coached, taught, graded papers, planned field trips, took classes for continuing education, fit in tennis and swimming for sanity . . .

    And then one day, when my children were grown, I found myself retired. I pinch myself many mornings that I can sleep in (but I don't), walk leisurely on the beach, take pictures, read . . .

    The time will come and even if you work until your mid sixties like me, you will find that you still have the energy and the drive and on your own agenda, you will write . . . take pictures . . . garden . . .

    Hang in there!


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