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So what have you been up to? Have you adjusted to the kids being back in school, or the impending change of the seasons?

As a teacher, and a mom, late August and ALL of September are absolutely NUTS. Crazy. Head spinning. Add to the mix my husband's new associate principal job, and throw about a bazillion more meetings into the mix. My open house, one open house for each child, husband's open houses….lots of staff meetings and curriculum meetings too.

Throw soccer, golf team and gymnastics into the mix. Toss lightly. Then scream.

The scream is probably related to the lack of clean clothes (washer's still out of order)…..

….or to the countertops I cannot find…or to the dining room reno going on now 10 months or so :)

Add emotion into the mix and it goes from bad to worse! My head swirls with the desire to be right HERE. All day. Here to make breakfasts and clean and create and pat a little recovering pug's head, (right where her shaved fur is growing back soft as a feather). I know I've said it all before….but that's who I am…a girl who dreams of being a SAHM. And yes, it took me a while before I even knew what that meant! 

So in between this, that, and the other thing, I throw my camera around my neck and sneak outside. Yes, even with stuff all over the counter, and smelly socks stuck in the cracks of the couch….and quite possibly before I have put the breakfast dishes from 8 hours ago into the sink.

It keeps me sane. it breaths the life back into me. It makes me LOVE the chaos, and allows me to accept that it's all part of some master plan. At least for now.

An expectant blossom, a snoozing, dew covered snake. Maybe not everyone's idea of fun. But for me, it is cheap therapy, a joy that fills my frantic nerve cells with pure bliss.

Coping strategies? Check.

Meditation? Check.

Renewal? You betcha.

And so that's why I wouldn't trade one smelly sock…..or all the tea in China...

….for my race through life. It's real….filled with children's laughter (and sibling torment), ….filled with experiences and moments...

I CAN dream for the future….but I choose NOT to wish away what fills my mind and heart every day….

That's called LIVING, and boy do I like it.

And on a side note, new cards listed in my shop!


Bringing the Outdoors In…And a Giveaway!

 I was so excited when Easy Canvas Prints asked me to review their product!

After all, my readers know I am all about photos of my garden….LOTS of photos of my garden. In fact not a day goes by that I don't photograph flora or fauna. It's kind of like brushing my teeth. Part of my daily routine. So,  the chance to see one of my photographs on a canvas made me so excited!

I tried to pick one that would really fill the canvas with color.  I also wanted one that would fit the rustic theme of the dining room we are (still) remodeling.  Soothing tones, vintage embroidery, touches of burlap and just a modern country home feeling. Our early lavender was so pretty. We had three varieties at once, so it seemed just a perfect choice for the canvas.

I love that the Easy Canvas Prints had a few options for how the "wrap", (the photo around the sides),  looks. And I especially liked that it has a hanger attached. After I played around a bit, I also realized it could stand nicely, leaning on a shelf or a mantel. This way you can easily rotate your photo if it looks great from a variety of angles. (of course your family photo would probably not be rotate friendly. :)

This canvas is a generous 16" x 20".

The clarity was perfect for a canvas this size.
I was also very happy with the color….true to the original.

I LOVE that while we are entertaining in our dining room we 
will be able to enjoy our garden….no matter what the season!


I get to give away a canvas!

One lucky winner will win a generous 16 x 20" canvas AND FREE shipping! WOOT! WOOT!


Leave me a blog comment telling me how you found my blog.  (1 entry)

Leave me a separate comment telling me your favorite flower . ( 1 entry)

Share this giveaway on Facebook (click the link below post) Leave me a separate comment telling me you did and your Facebook name. ( 1 entry)

So each of you is allowed three chances!

The winner will be announced on Sunday, September 21st.



Elizabeth you are the winner!
Thanks all for entering and sharing your favorite flowers!


I love you too.

I really think my garden is trying to tell me something….because every time I am even remotely close, I hear a whispering.

As I head down the hill and across 
the field to the garden, I first start to hear it.

It is muffled at first…a distant crowd murmuring a secret message.

My pace quickens….worn Muck boots striding forward with sudden eagerness.

The distant murmur intensifies as I reach the twisted bittersweet fence surrounding the raised beds.

Wordless voices shouting, then screaming...

A sensory overdose of color and aroma surrounds me.

Nature, and all of its glory echoes from the woods, encircling me in a funnel of pure joy.

This is my place.

A place where time stops and dreams become purposeful.

A place where the universe speaks in tongues...

...and I whisper back…."I love you too".


Good Morning

Who knew the joy I would get from planting a few packs of Morning Glories.

I have always admired my dad's Morning Glories. I'm not sure why I have never taken the leap.

This year I went a little crazy.


I planted at least five packs.
And they twisted their way around the rustic fence.

They have blessed me with the most gorgeous blooms. Blooms that seem to have a sunbeam hidden deep  inside their opaque petals.

But the faded blossoms have me as intrigued as the full showy flower. The way they shrink inward in a perfect circle….like a popped balloon….

Nature is AMAZING!

My only complaint is that I have been missing the blooms on school days. 
This one is ready to put on a show. And although I will not be there to revel in its beauty….I will anxiously await Saturday morning and my newfound friend.

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