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The Inevitable

My Mother's Day roses are blooming.
This gardener who has planted and tended and coddled since I was single digits, has never had roses.

So my joy is a bit intense. The velvety layers of ruffles….

…the gentle curves….

…the hidden creases….detail only brought to to me by a camera's lens.

They are just starting to bloom now, as August's light changes…as shadows become long, 
and nights become cool. 

They are rebels in the gardening world. Rebelling against nature's
 time plan. 
Bucking the seasonal bronco.

I think that's why I am so consumed by them...

…because I too am rebelling….fighting the changes that inevitably occur next week.

I cannot hold back the tear that slips across this freckled cheek.

Nor do I want to.

For it is this mama's way of protesting the inescapable. 

How I have absorbed every moment of this summer. Every smile, every grumpy morning face, every request for a snack or drink or cuddle or ride. Every early morning walk with my husband, every big eyed pug green bean plea.

 I will approach my 23rd year teaching with grace….

….but will take this bouquet with me.


  1. Oh my, that is poignant. I hear you...and I also have not yet mastered growing roses other than the mini ones... Some day:) All the best as you head back to the class room...
    You are blessed.

    1. Thanks Lucy. Our first attempt….not sure what next year will bring! Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Oh, my! Your roses are gorgeous.

    With our drought and not being able to water, my garden is not in full bloom like I had hoped for this summer.

    I know that I owe your money for shipping the bags and I think about it frequently, but I want to make a little something to include and my creative space was invaded for the full summer by a guest. I hope to get something made this week and mail it off.

    1. Thanks Carol. Please do NOT send $. I am happy for you to use them! We are in an every other day watering ban here.

  3. Wonderful Pink !

  4. I hope you'll cram
    your desk with
    lovely bouquets
    to reflect the memories
    that you collected
    this summer -- and
    the dreams that you
    have for the future!

    xo Suzanne


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