Prince Snow Farm



Some people meditate to dig deep into their souls.
Others may pray or read or discuss.

I find that a walk through the garden
always allows me the ability to discover something new.

Something new about myself…or perhaps about my place in this world.

Today as I walked around after a morning rain, I found myself drawn to the blossoms.

Typically I look to the color and pizzazz of the brightest flowers, or to that of a fully formed fruit or vegetable.

But today I was pulled into the mystery of the blossoms.

And as I photographed them, I searched for their meaning.

It was here that I discovered HOPE.

Hope for the future.

Hope for a path that is clearly lit and easy to navigate.

Hope for my jumbled mind to figure out my true meaning on this Earth.

Hope for my children and their futures.

These blossoms signify what is to come...

….and many times that has something to do with what has come before….

These blossoms are time travelers ...

….an echo of sentiment….

….a piece of my heart.



  1. A beautiful post for a Sunday morning in August..

  2. You already know that with "these" posts of yours you have my full attention.

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful pictures...
    Love, Mona

  4. Your lovely words and beautiful images made me smile!
    Thank you,

  5. I've always loved gardening! The first sign of blossoms is my favorite. Your words here are BEAUTIFUL. :)

  6. very kewl... very aware... as long as we are aware, open to what is offered us, we become whole... just beautiful... so glad stormy is doing better... still in my thoughts and prayers along with so many others that read my blip... hugs2u

  7. I was moved this morning by your words and photos. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us all!

  8. Beautiful words and photos to accompany them.


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